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Are your billable hours falling through the cracks?

Instead of using 20th century legacy tools like Jira, Ekam lets you switch to a model 2017 Task Manager that makes it so much easier to track work, wherever you are.

Tasks can be assigned to an individual, to the Task Pool of the workgroup/project team (think Backlog), or to multiple individuals to be independently executed by each of these individuals (think Departmental Tasks).

How to Create a Task on Ekam Offshore Team Management Platform

Billable Hours spent on a Task are recorded every day, along with %age progress made.

Updating Task Progress and Generating Timesheets in Ekam Offshore Team Management

For billable time spent outside of Tasks, people can enter those Hours through the Performance Milestone Interface on Ekam.

Timesheets are auto-generated at the Person, Task and Workgroup/Project level.

CordBot, the primary Bot running on Ekam reminds people in an opportunistic manner, so that people are up-to-date with their time and progress updates, every single day.

Are you still using email and spreadsheets for most of your communication and reporting?

Ekam has an integrated chat-based workspace that delivers a modern conversation experience for your project teams and departments.

Each workgroup/project team gets an exclusive channel in the chat-based workspace and there are separate channels for 1-1 direct messaging.

Integrated Chat-Based Workspace for Offshore Project Teams

More than 90% of email generated in a typical offshore services organization is internal email. Ekam can bring internal email in your organization to close to zero.

Run Your Business with Zero Internal Email

For more formal and threaded communication, you can start a Conversation in the Ekam workspace. These conversations are tracked in real time for read-status and responses. Through the Ekam Dashboard, people can focus on just those conversations that require their attention.

Conversations, once started in Ekam, remain open until they are closed. This way, Ekam ensures that there is no messaging loss, typical of email.

Are your customers/ on-site managers frequently frustrated by lack of information and control on projects?

Your onsite managers and optionally your customers located in a different time zone, can connect seamlessly with every person in your team offshore. They can easily see what tasks have been completed, what tasks the team is currently working on and what tasks are still waiting to get started.

Ekam tracks information like the current local time of each person in the team, and whether a team member is still at work or has left for the day. It also tracks when someone currently out of office is expected to be back to work, the following working day.

Real-time access to people and project information with the ability to interact seamlessly with the team, fundamentally transforms the predictability and success of your client projects.

Connect with People in Your Offshore Team and Get Work Done 100% of the Time!

You have a new project opportunity. Do you really know if you have the skill in-house?

The auto-built Skills Cloud on Ekam helps find in quick time the people with a specific skill, immediately required for a project or client engagement.

Find People with a Special Skill Required for a New Offshore Project

Do you find it hard to identify the A-Players and the not-so-great? Are your appraisal cycles, some of the most difficult times for everyone in your company?

When members of your offshore project teams work from a different time zone and geography, mostly 9+ hours apart from the customer zone, it is natural for their work to be not so transparent and visible to all stakeholders.

Through the Performance Milestones in Ekam, people can update their daily progress on the projects and tasks they are working on, resulting in enhanced visibility, efficient follow-on activities and timely feedback and course correction.

The Daily Performance Milestone Activity Stream on Ekam is a journal of activities and achievements of each individual and can also serve as the primary background data for formal performance appraisals.

You believe social can make a big difference. However, your earlier attempts to roll out an ESN did not work. Or you have heard numerous horror stories about failed ESN rollouts from your peers in the industry.

Stand-alone Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) were destined to fail as it is a big ask to expect people jumping into an ESN whenever they want to collaborate.

For social to be successful in business, it has to be embedded into the business processes.

With Ekam, you have communication and collaboration wired at every single user-touchpoint, whereby people can collaborate contextually, in the ordinary course of business.

We are talking Social again. Have you thought about crowd-sourcing of stumbled-upon knowledge?

Knowledge workers stumble upon content that is relevant for the business, several times during the course of their daily workday.

They use this content to solve the immediate problem on hand and then move on to the next task. At best, they might email a link to that content to a couple of peers, and that is the end of the story.

Instead, if your business has a mechanism to crowd-source this business-relevant content to your central knowledge-base in the cloud, it could be a huge competitive advantage.

Yes, the upside is huge! If you are a 1000-person organization, then you have potentially a thousand people contributing business-relevant content to your knowledge-base every single day.

The sweet-spot here is that most of the content is stumbled upon or created during the normal course of business and does not require additional time or investment.

At Cordiant, the parent company of Ekam Labs, we have been crowd-sourcing enterprise-relevant content through our employees for more than two years now, and the results have been phenomenal.

With crowd-sourcing, you are leveraging the collective wisdom of all your employees. Make it happen in your business to get that huge competitive advantage!

Are you running an ageing, what did they use to call it, “intranet”?

Ekam is a comprehensive cloud platform that can help you run a tightly-managed offshoring business.

People, Tasks, Communication and Social are the four pillars on which the Ekam application platform has been built.

Supporting both project teams and departments run as a modern digital workplace, Ekam strives to fulfill its meaning in Sanskrit, one, single, solitary, as a noun meaning ‘Unity’.

The Ekam Task Manager has been designed to handle non-project related tasks as well, most of which are traditionally handled through email.

An embedded University on Ekam obviates the need for a stand-alone Learning Management System.

A powerful Documents and Files module obviates the need for legacy applications like Sharepoint.

Instead of several versions of each document or file being all over the place, in email inboxes, in multiple hard disks, or in consumer file storage, with Ekam, all your files and documents are in a single secure place in the cloud for moment-of-need access.

Files are stored in Ekam Vaults with granular access-controls and with complete version control. And there is built-in integration with Office 365, Google Docs and more.

And, you get a fast and powerful enterprise search as the icing on the cake

You are on the cusp of delivering exceptional value and a delightful experience to your clients, to your employees and to your prospects, whilst fundamentally transforming the profitability of your offshore services business.

$299 per month
Unlimited Users. No Per-user Fees