Connect with People

You connect seamlessly with every person in your team offshore. You know what tasks they are currently working on and what tasks are waiting for them to start. You also know what time it is for your team member offshore or whether the person has left for the day and decide how and when you may want to communicate with that person.

Also, you can access a team member’s and the Project Team’s Time Sheet in real time, from the People Connect interface.

Connect with People in Your Offshore Team and Get Work Done 100% of the Time!

A Powerful Task Manager that Auto-generates Time Sheets

The Task Manager on Ekam makes it easy for you to assign, track and monitor Tasks. Tasks can be assigned to an individual, to the Task Pool of the Workgroup/Project Team, or to multiple individuals to be independently executed by each of those individuals.

How to Create a Task on Ekam Offshore Team Management Platform

The entire workflow of a task from assignment thru completion is tracked. Assignees can update progress on their Task and update time hours spent, so you get to see progress and Task Time Sheets, in close to real time.

Updating Task Progress and Generating Timesheets in Ekam Offshore Team Management

Secure Communication Outside of Email

With Ekam, you get several communication channels to communicate within the secure perimeter of the platform, instead of using email. A persistent chat interface lets you communicate and share files with people and project teams in real time. And the outcome-driven Conversation framework on Ekam makes formal communication possible within the platform.

Deploying Ekam in your offshore organization reduces internal email to close to zero and enhances communication effectiveness multi-fold.

Integrated Chat-Based Workspace for Offshore Project Teams

Enhance Visibility for Work Accomplished and Promote Constant Feedback

When members of your offshore teams work from different time zones and geographies, mostly 9+ hours apart, it is natural for their work to be not so transparent and visible.

Through the Performance Milestones in Ekam, people can update their daily progress on the projects and tasks they are working on, resulting in enhanced visibility, efficient follow-on activities and timely feedback.

The Daily Performance Milestone Activity Stream on Ekam is a journal of activities and achievements of each individual and can also serve as the primary background data for formal performance appraisals.

Quickly find the right people for a new project

How often have you had the immediate need for a particular skill and didn’t know where you could find that person in your team? The auto-built Skills cloud on Ekam helps find in quick time the people with a specific skill immediately required for a project.

Find People with a Special Skill Required for a New Offshore Project

Onboard New Project Teams and New Team Members

Whether it is a new project being initiated or a new member is being on-boarded into an ongoing project, the University on Ekam can organize and render the learning content that is required to bring all the team members up-to-date on the project.

All Documents and Files in one Place in Ekam Vaults

Instead of several versions of each document or file being all over the place, in email inboxes, in multiple hard disks, or in consumer file storage, with Ekam, all your files and documents are in a single secure place in the cloud for moment-of-need access.

Files are stored in Ekam Vaults with granular access-controls and with complete version control. And there is built-in integration with Office 365, Google Docs and more.

A Zero-effort Knowledgebase with Assisted Search and Discovery

Knowledge Management has always been a challenge in modern distributed organizations. With everything in one place, Ekam builds a zero-effort knowledge-base in the ordinary course of business, for moment-of-need search and discovery. 

Crowdsource Content that adds value to your Knowledgebase

In tune with today’s social age, Ekam enables crowd-sourcing of knowledge. Team members can post stumbled-upon business relevant content from the browser or from phone apps directly to your Ekam knowledge-base, instead of the not-so-productive practice of emailing it to one or more co-workers.

Do More With Less, Fast-Pace Project Execution

With Ekam, you avoid surprises in Offshore Project Delivery. You also get lot more visibility on the performance of individual team members enabling you to right-size these teams on an ongoing basis.

With everyone working inside Ekam, every bit of information stays within your own secure perimeter whilst enhancing efficiencies that include doing more with less and fast-pacing project execution.

$299 per month
Unlimited Users. No Per-user Fees