Ekam is a single, integrated platform to manage your offshore outsourcing engagements.

We combined modern digital workplace concepts and our 20+ years insight as a provider of offshore services from India to build Ekam.

Ekam Connects You Seamlessly with Every Person in Your Team Offshore

With Ekam, you get a persistent platform for your own employees to connect seamlessly and interact with every person in your vendor-owned offshore team, just as if they were an extension of your business.

You get to know who each member of the team is, what projects and tasks they are currently working on for you and what tasks are waiting for them.

Given that your vendor team works in a different time zone, Ekam also makes it easy for you to see what time it is for your team member offshore or whether the person has left for the day. You can then decide the most appropriate communication channel to connect with that person, all without leaving Ekam.

Connect with people in your vendor-team and get work done

Integrated Chat-Based Workspace for Offshore Project Teams

A Powerful Task Manager with Auto-generating Time Sheets

Unlike the typical western workforce, people from India and other offshore locations are not task-driven, in the ordinary course of things.

Ekam has a powerful Task Manager that establishes method and rigor into how your offshore-team works.

The entire workflow of the Task from assignment to completion, is tracked in the Ekam Task Manager. Progress made and time spent are captured for each Task, and time sheets are auto-generated real-time, based on Task progress updates.

Ekam makes it easy for you to review time spent by your vendor team on the project, as it progresses. And with Task data being the source data for project time sheets, cross-checking and authenticating time sheets in Time &Material projects becomes a straight-forward exercise.

Updating Task Progress and Generating Timesheets in Ekam Offshore Team Management

You Identify the A-Players in Your Vendor Team. And Get Rid of Dead Wood!

With the visibility provided by Ekam, you can identify who the A-players in your vendor team are.

You can send them notes of appreciation whenever you see great work. Positive client feedback is hugely appreciated by vendor team members and helps greatly in reducing employee churn in vendor teams.

And you can push the vendor for team-realignment whenever you believe you are not getting value for money from the weak players in the offshore team.

You Have a New Upcoming Project. Is There Anyone in Your Vendor Team With a Special Skill Required For That Project?

The auto-built Skills Cloud on Ekam helps find in quick time the people with a specific skill, immediately required for a project.

Find People with a Special Skill Required for a New Offshore Project

You Start Looking Beyond Labor Arbitrage. And Getting the Offshore Team Vested into Your Business.

With the visibility and openness that Ekam delivers, you work towards making your offshore team big fans of your company and make them proud that they work for you.

Get your vendor-owned offshore team to sync with the vision and mission of your business. “Offshore projects are successful when the development team comes to understand the client’s business environment so well that its software delivers a positive business outcome, which means a faster business process, a lower cost base or a better consumer experience”, Gartner.

And the embedded University on Ekam delivers videos, documents and other training materials that helps your offshore team get vested into your projects and your business.

You Capture and Secure your Intellectual Property from Day-one of Every Project.

With Ekam, you have a single repository for anything and everything that your offshore team does for you.

Instead of your IP being restricted to the final product that your offshore team delivers, you capture every single interaction, every single activity that goes into building the final product or solution.

And a blazingly fast and powerful search makes information discovery a breeze.

Keep Your Vendor Compliant with the Rules of the Engagement

Has everyone who is working on your project signed an NDA? And the IP-assignment agreement? Do they have the education, skills and other credentials that you specified at the start of the project/ engagement?

Have it all show up on Ekam.

With Ekam, you are all set to ride the next level of success with your offshore vendor engagements.

$299 per month
Unlimited Users. No Per-user Fees