Transform Your Captives Into Global Innovation Centers

As part of your offshoring strategy, if you have set up captives in low-cost locations like India, it’s time to look at transforming them to Global Innovation Centers.

  1. Look beyond Labor Arbitrage. Your teams in your captives have been working with you for a very long time. In a lot of ways, they are far ahead of outsourced teams with respect to how vested they are, to your business.
  2. Leverage your brand. In low-cost outsourcing locations like India, working for a captive is preferred to working for a provider. The question you need to ask is: Could we now go to the next level? Could we attract some of the best talent in these locations to work on innovative projects for us?
  3. Instead of sending them work that nobody else wants to do, make them part of the overall sourcing strategy. To do this, you need to revisit your HR strategy so as to attract and retain some of the top talent in the territory you are located in.
  4. Keep high-skill projects in-house. Providers quote low for emerging technology projects because they get trained and build IP at your expense. Instead, push low-cost grunt work to the providers and keep emerging technology projects in your Global Innovation Centers.
  5. Identify Innovation Leaders and offer them a career path in your parent organization. Insanely-driven, talented leadership is key to driving innovation in these centers.
  6. Roll out a Work Hub that also acts as your Innovation Hub. Innovation does not happen in isolation. It happens in the ordinary course of work and in an environment that puts a premium on innovation. Instead of running your internal communication through email, or having a stand-alone Enterprise Social Network, invest in a platform that has communication, work collaboration and information discovery wired at every single user touch-point.
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