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If You Outsource Work Offshore

Are you frustrated by lack of visibility and control on your offshore projects? This is circa 2017: Does your offshore team still operate as a black box?

Do you still manage your engagements through weekly calls, and reporting through email and spreadsheets?

Is there a way you can authenticate your vendor billings for T&M projects?

Do you know who the A-players are and the also-rans in your team offshore? Do you suffer from key people leaving your vendor for the competition?

Is your vendor meeting your IP protection and compliance requirements in a consistent manner?

Ekam can fundamentally transform your offshore engagements for Better Outcomes.

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If You are a Provider of Offshore Services

Are your billable hours falling through the cracks? Are you still using email and spreadsheets for communication and reporting?

Your customers and on-site managers: Are they constantly frustrated by lack of information and control on their projects?

Are your appraisal cycles some of the most difficult times for everyone in the company? Do you know who your A-Players are, and the mediocre? Are you regularly losing key people to the competition?

Are you meeting your customer expectations with respect to IP protection and other compliance requirements?

And how much real-time visibility you have on the work performed by your project teams?

Ekam can help you move from Good to Great as a provider of offshore services.

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